ACGD collaborated with individuals from around Europe specialising in Design, IT Development and Business to create a product using bluetooth bacon technology for indoor tracking.

Trilogis, the Italian based technology company leading the way in indoor tracking technology, asked us to use their technology in producing an application that could allow an employer to keep track of their employees to add an extra element of safety in the event of an emergency. The application would have to be used in large business estates and factories as well as smaller locations such as hospitals and schools.

The resulting product, Gabriel, was a flexible, customisable, user-friendly application would improve the working lives of all who used it. Gabriel consists of three separate applications that work harmoniously together to allow users to draw floor plans of their buildings, place beacons, create routes and send alerts to the main control centre.

The name Gabriel comes from the bible. Commonly associated with the Arch Angel Gabriel, with connotations of safety and reassurance.

Services provided:

Brand Identity

Naming and Defining

User Experience Design


Motion Graphics

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