A collaboration with Warriors Studio and Graphic Design Festival Scotland 2017 on their motion graphics. The sequence is based on this year’s identity for the festival and is an upbeat, fast-paced, engaging watch.

The identity can be best explained by the festival organisers themselves:

“This year’s identity explores democracy and the systems created to enable and control decision making.

Within the current political landscape, our choices are binary. You may only choose one or the other. Media coverage portrays options which are black and white. There is no middle ground. There are no grey areas.

Left or right?
In or out?
Right or wrong?

Nuance and circumstance are forgotten. The decision-making process and options may be black and white but the consequences are grey until after your decision has been made.

Not only are these constraints significant in the broad social and political landscape that we all inhabit but also in the professional world we work within as designers.”

Services provided:

Motion Graphics